“I paint to connect with the Love and Happiness that we all are”.


Marga Sänz

Sierra of Guadarrama, Madrid. 1974


She stands out already in her childhood for her creativity and a special sensitivity to drawing and painting, and in particular for the mixture and composition of color.

Which leads her to dedicate herself to the study of Fine Arts in a professional way and forges herself in fashion design first, and graphic design later, which becomes her main dedication for more than 20 years in which she worked, mainly , in design and creativity positions.

Her curiosity about the world and the meaning of life leads her to years of internal reflection, lived in London for a year, and then she traveled on introspective trips to: Asia, America and Europe, in which she also visits hundreds of classic, modern and contemporary exhibitions and museums. And she decides it is time to dedicate herself to her passion: painting.

Among other techniques, mainly, she develops Energy Painting, which springs from the natural state of a flow that impregnates on the canvas the essence of life. And it reflects the intuitive connection of nature with her special colorful and luminous style, passing on the joy, peace and beauty that she feels through her painting.