“I paint to connect with the Love and Happiness that we all are”.


Marga Sänz

San Lorenzo del Escorial, Madrid.


Marga Sänz stands out in her childhood for her creativity and a special sensitivity for drawing and painting, and in particular for the mixture and composition of the color palette.


Which leads him to dedicate himself to the study of Fine Arts in a professional way and is forged in fashion design and graphic design later, which becomes his main dedication during 20 years in which they worked, mainly, in graphic design positions and advertising creativity.


His curiosity about the world of art and the meaning of life, leads her to years of inner reflection and introspective travels around the world, especially Asia and Europe, with India being a turning point in his inevitable career towards to the world of color. In these years, she visits hundreds of museums and exhibitions that serve as deep inspiration and she discovers some of the alternative therapies that help her understand life in a completely different way from how she had done it up to that moment. She also daring to dedicate herself to her hidden passion, painting.


The practice of meditation becomes the most important thing in her personal development to achieve a state of peace and happiness like never before. She also practices energy contact techniques such as Reiki, which helps her begin to connect with healing energies, proving the benefits of it on herself and on other people.


So she decides to join her passion for painting with her energy therapy to connect painting with joy and health and begins to create works in a state of meditation. She calls it energetic art or light painting, and in the process she connects with people, emotions or situations to heal them through love.


This type of art reflects her intuitive connection with nature and the universe, with a unique colorful and luminous style, transmitting the joy, peace and beauty that she feels, through her work.


“I paint the joy that we all are inside, when we remove the layers of ego.”