Energy and Figurative Art

Energy Art

I paint to connect with the Love and Happiness that we all are”.


Her Art Collection about Energy Painting is born after remaining in a meditation, and it creates itself. It is nourished by the abstract, from what we cannot see or touch but we can sense but we can feel, materializing in tangible forms and colors to give energy where it is needed.

The artist is trying to bring us closer, to what we truly are through her colorful and decorative work.

Figurative Art


“Inspiration comes from nature, its movement and its colors”.


His Figurative Painting Collection is predesigned at the beginning but always refusing to copy from reality, although it is inspired by nature or objects of life, her works end up turning into the unexpected, the magical and luminous, surpassing the colors real and exaggerating the lights. In short, personalizing it in his style through his cheerful brushstroke and her particular way of understanding life, which is the enjoyment of whatever is happening here and now, whatever it is, it´s life.